Fitness Club

Fitness Area

Hours: The gym is open from 6 AM to 9 PM seven days a week.
Access: The entrance is through the gate on the 1st floor.
Rules: There are no employees and each user is responsible for their own safety in using the facilities and equipment.
-       Gym users who are in any doubt as to their physical fitness should seek medical advice before training
-       No one under 18 may use the gym without parental supervision
-       Appropriate clothing and footwear is required
-       Be respectful andcourteous to all fellow gym users AT ALL TIMES
-       Keep music volume to a minimum
-       Gym equipment should be left in the condition you found it, or better
-       Wipe down the equipment when you’re done. Look for the spray bottle and towel used for cleaning the machines and use them. Do not spray directly on the equipment. Spray the cloth and then wipe down the equipment.
-       Return all weights to their weight racks or stacks (neatly and orderly)
-       No smoking in gym area at any time
-       No food or drink (except water) when using or in vicinity of gym equipment
-       No glass of any kind in fitness center
-       Please  do not slam, drop, clang or throw weights on the floor
-       If you move equipment, please put it back where it belongs
-       Dispose of your paper towels (and other trash) in the trashcans provided
-       Management reserves the right to deny use of the gym to anyone who violates these rules
-       Management is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property
-       Management is not responsible for any injury occurring upon the gym premises for any reason, including misuse of the gym equipment/facilities or equipment/facilities condition
Private Membership Program: The gym is operated as a semi-private endeavor. Gym memberships may be purchased and renewed through Property Solutions (Adan Leggs or Viviana Diaz) at the ground floor office in Plaza Nautica during normal work hours. Non-resident membership is $ 100 US per quarter (3 months). The maximum number of memberships is currently set at 50. Persons who have purchased a membership enter the gym area through a number-coded security gate accessible from the ground level. Membership is only for the gym and does not include use of the pool area.
Gym equipment:
     Weight scale
     Cardio: The cardio rooms are in the gym building.
-       LifeFitness Treadmills: 2
-       Precor cross trainers: 2
-       Stair climbers: 2
-       Stationary bikes: 2
-       Recumbent bikes: 1
-       Spinner bikes: 5 +
-       Black floor mats under all machines
-       Television: CNN; ESPN; ABC; CBS; FOX; USA; HBO; and Showtime
-       Stereo
-       Hardwood floors
-       Aerobic mats
-       Aerobic steps with risers
-       Mirrors
     Weight Training: The weight training area is on the back side of the gym open to Marina Blvd. below with a palapa roof.
-       Olympic bench press w/Olympic bar
o   Free weights for Olympic bars
-       Nautilus line of strength conditioning, including:
o   Pullover
o   Leg extension
o   Hip adduction
o   Hip abduction
o   Biceps
o   Triceps
o   Lateral raise
o   Back row
-       Cable crossover – 6 station
-       Power racks
-       Full assortment of handles, ropes and pulleys
-       Deltoid press
-       Lateral raise
-       Back pull
-       Bench press machine
-       Abdominal crunch machine
-       Total hip
-       Lat pull-down machine
-       Triceps rope machine
-       Barbell rack with complete set of barbells and extra disks
-       45 degree roman chair
-       2 benches, adjustable, flat, decline
-       2 dumbbell racks with dumbbells of assorted weights, extra weights
-       Black floor mats for free weight area
Bathrooms: Men’s and women’s bathrooms are in the gym building, down the stairs and to the right. Each bathroom has toilet, sink, 2 showers (w/curtains), paper towel dispensers, floor mats and lockers (bring your own lock).

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